We offer Oak, Walnut, and Reclaimed wood. Our stains protect and enhance the grain, contributing to the natural beauty of each piece. 

Oak wood is light in tone, and an industry favorite as it is naturally resistant to deterioration, insects, and moisture. This is an open grain wood and typically used on large furniture pieces. Walnut is warm in tone, we offer this species exclusively in a natural finish to display its subtle glow. Walnut is a fine grained wood which will display in straight to soft moderately figured patterns, and is typically used on prized furniture. Reclaimed wood has inherent variations which can be seen and felt as soft, smooth, thick, and richly hued textures. Our environmentally friendly option, perfect for use in a relaxed atmosphere. All of our carpentry pieces are manufactured in Southern California out of solid wood. Each plank is hand selected and finished by our team of artisan craftsmen.

Oak Black

Smoked White Oak

White Oak Brown

White Oak Espresso

White Oak Natural

White Oak Silas

White Oak Tobacco

White Oak White

Reclaimed Blackwash

Reclaimed Natural

Walnut Natural