We use 100% top grain leather for all our applications. Markings are inherent to hides and are in no way considered a flaw or a detriment to the strength or wearability of the leather.  Signs of natural beauty include branding marks, scratches, scars, etc. Our leathers show the life of the hide making them all the more desirable.

Anil Bayou

Anil Coal

Anil Mustard

Corinne Garden

Crystal Ivory

Crystal Mustard

Crystal Olive

Crystal Sand

Fargo Dark Brown

Hampton Brandy

Hampton Smoke

Luxtan Merlot

Luxtan Olive

Natur Smoke

Navayo Slate

Romanza Sage

Romanza Walnut

Royalton Cashmere

Royalton Merenda

Royalton Olive

Softy Black

Tribe Ivory