Our wood finishes come in a variety of colors and styles to be able to accommodate incorporation into a multitude of home styles.  House of Morrison offers oak in four stains that subtly enhance the grain in this sleek hardwood.  We also have reclaimed woods that beyond being environmentally friendly, they are perfect for use in a relaxed atmosphere.  They show the character of the wood a bit more than the more refined oak. Lastly, we have the alder woods.  Alder is a less expensive option to use for bases, legs, etc. where the wood is not the main event.  It shows a more even surface, with very little grain visible. 

All of our wood surfaces receive five coats of polyurethane to give you fabulously water-resistant wood.  This does not make it waterproof but increases resistance to moisture and other agents.  The finish also makes the wood easier to clean and helps to seal pores from bacteria.