Vogue Living: Country, City, Coast <div id="left-rail-top" class="product-body clearfix"> <div id="mobile-about-the-book"> <div id="seemore-0" class="slot product-about 9781524732059 isbn-related seemoreenable show opened"> <p>Lavishly illustrated,&nbsp;<em>Vogue Living: Country, City, Coast&nbsp;</em>is an irresistible look at&nbsp;some of the most spectacular&nbsp;houses&nbsp;and gardens&nbsp;whose owners come from the worlds of fashion, design, art and society&nbsp;to be published as a book for the first time.<br /><br />Here is Tory Burch&rsquo;s stylish and informal&nbsp;Southampton&nbsp;estate,&nbsp;Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo&rsquo;s glamorous duplex in Paris,&nbsp;Dries Van Noten&rsquo;s romantic house and garden in Belgium,&nbsp;Alexa and Trevor Traina&rsquo;s dramatic and colorful San Francisco house, Cindy Crawford&nbsp;and Rande Gerber&rsquo;s lakeside Canadian cabin, shoe maestro Bruno Frisoni and designer Herv&eacute; Van der Straeten&rsquo;s modern house in the heart of Tangier,&nbsp;Stella McCartney&rsquo;s grand English country garden,&nbsp;Olya and Charles Thompson&rsquo;s richly patterned Brooklyn house, and the old-world Wilshire estate of&nbsp;Gela Nash-Taylor and Duran Duran&rsquo;s John Nash Taylor and many more.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />These&nbsp;breathtaking&nbsp;houses and gardens&nbsp;have been photographed by such celebrated photographers as Fran&ccedil;ois Halard, Oberto Gili,&nbsp;&nbsp;Mario Testino and Bruce Weber&nbsp;among others;&nbsp;such writers as&nbsp;Hamish Bowles,&nbsp;Joan Juliet Buck,&nbsp;Plum Sykes,&nbsp;Jonathan Van Meter&nbsp;and Chloe Malle&nbsp;give you an intimate view of the owners and how they live.&nbsp;This book is&nbsp;a look at some of the world&rsquo;s most iconic houses and gardens&mdash;not only rich in ideas for&nbsp;all readers&nbsp;but a resource&nbsp;and inspiration&nbsp;for designers, architects, and landscape architects&nbsp;as well.</p> </div> </div> </div>

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