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12" x 12"

Oil on canvas


All of Sinclair’s gestures are big. Her work has largesse, ferocity and full sensuality. Sinclair’s art enjoys tremendous critical recognition and has been exhibited around the world. Moving beyond the influence and talent of her famous father, Alfredo Sinclair, Olga is the bigger name and stronger presence. With her first public exhibition at the age of 14, Sinclair has since had solo exhibitions in the Miami, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Jakarta and Buenos Aires. Her art forms a part of the permanent collections of museums in Latin America, the United States, and Europe.


Designer Denise Morrison and Laguna Beach-based gallery saltfineart have been closely intertwined since the gallery opened in 2009. As a reputable collector of museum caliber art, saltfineart has been a key source for Denise when selecting art for design clients seeking the most original, unique and often transcendent pieces whose stories are as rich as their composition.

We are thrilled to debut this hand-selected collection of pieces from saltfineart at House of Morrison. Each piece has been hand-selected by Denise for its one-of-a-kind design and history. 


Since 2009, saltfineart has been exhibiting contemporary works from around the world created by both world-renowned and emerging artists. The gallery specializes in museum caliber Latin American Contemporary art, where their roots run deep and whose talent and commitment they are passionate about sharing. 


All pieces will be available for pickup at our retail store in Newport Beach for no additional cost. If you are shipping any piece from the collection, shipping and handling fees will be billed separately after an approved quote.

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