Santa Monica Sweet Lemons 1 by Dorothy Shain
Santa Monica Sweet Lemons 1 by Dorothy Shain
Santa Monica Sweet Lemons 1 by Dorothy Shain
Santa Monica Sweet Lemons 1 by Dorothy Shain

Santa Monica Sweet Lemons 1 by Dorothy Shain

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The perfect mix of bold colors and strong shapes meet in Dorothy Shain's "Santa Monica Sweet Lemons 1". The perfect piece to bring life into any space, we adore this beauty for her sweet playfulness.


Size: 24” x 36” Vertical

Materials: Oil on Birch Wood Panel


Southern California is the the custom art collection by Dorothy Shain made exclusively for House of Morrison. With a mutual love for SoCal, we partnered with Dorothy to share her fresh, unique take on this beautiful place we call home.

"As an artist, there is no place more magical to me than Southern California. Between the salt air, the hues of the water, the colors of the cliffs, the range of succulents and cacti on every corner, I am instantly re-inspired. There is something about the spirit and energy of the people on the West coast that fuel my soul. The surf culture, the tacos, the plants . . . I always leave invigorated to get back to my studio and translate my feelings and experiences to the canvas." - Shain


Dorothy Shain, a Greenville, South Carolina based artist, has a dynamic portfolio. She graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2012 with a B.A. in studio art. From her collages and patterns to her landscapes, Dorothy’s exploration of mediums is reflective of the colors, textures, and patterns drawn from her adventures around the globe. Heavily influenced by her travels, which commenced during a college Semester at Sea, Dorothy has taken her experiences back to her studio allowing the art to reveal the inspirations and influence of the cultures, people and places seen. She is constantly fueled, as an individual and an artist, by traveling to new places, meeting new people, and being outdoors. These three things constantly remind her of her place in the world and her connection to it. 


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