Years of experience designing interiors has taught us one truth: every home has a story, and that story starts with the client. It’s this truth that has guided every project at House of Morrison. We listen, and then design, collaborating with our client at every step. We do this because it consistently carries us to our goal: an artfully-designed, authentically-crafted home that is truly unique to our client and their story.


design-services-by-denise-morrison-interiors-inquire-about-denise.jpgMeet Denise Morrison, Principal

Denise’s innate sense of design was influenced by the important women in her life.  Her grandmothers and her mother were integral role models for her formative years, demonstrating the value of all things artistic. Over the years, her passion for art and design grew with her. Denise studied at Cal State Fullerton, where she learned her trademark design principle: tension. A beautiful antique with a modern sofa. A vibrant painting in a cool, minimal living room. It’s this tension and balance between design elements that sets the framework for unforgettable design.

Denise’s education launched her career, which now touts countless home designs across the country, as well as the formation of Denise Morrison Interiors and interiors boutique: House of Morrison. When not designing, Denise travels the world over with her husband and four sons, unearthing inspiration with each step.




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