At House of Morrison, we take a designer's approach to interiors shopping. That means we're dedicated to providing the most luxurious and personalized shopping experience possible. We offer 5 fill options on all of our custom upholstery. Learn more about each fill option below.


Our Standard upholstery seat fill is made of a deluxe foam seat cushion using 1.8-2.0 density foam and triple wrapped with Dacron polyester batting. The back pillows are made of a high-loft Dacron polyester fill. The Standard fill is our most supportive fill option, and is more durable than other fills. It requires minimal maintenance, making it a great selection for family rooms.



Our Plush fill is more luxurious than most, with the seat cushions and back pillows made of 50% polyester and 50% 10/90 feather down envelop wrapped around a top grade, high resilient foam core with down-proof ticking casings. It provides an intermediate level of firmness, while maintaining the cushion shape quite well with little upkeep. If you're looking for a soft cushion with good support, our Plush fill is for you.



Ideal for individuals with sensitivity to down, our Hypoallergenic fill is as comfortable as our Plush fill, but made with a 50% polyester and 50% trillium seat cushion and back pillow insert. Although there is no down, this fill still offers the highest quality down-proof ticking casings for maximum longevity. Like the Plush fill, our Hypoallergenic fill requires little maintenance and upkeep. 


10/90 Feather Down

Our 10/90 Feather Down fill consists of 10% white goose down and 90% feathers on both the seat and back pillows. The seat cushion has a soft, top grade, high resilient foam core for additional support and still offers the highest quality down-proof ticking casings for maximum longevity. This fill is exceptionally soft, with a seat cushion you'll feel that you can sink right into. Feather Down fills require frequently fluffing, rotation, and flipping to ensure the longevity of your seat cushions. Comfort wrinkles are to be expected. 


25/75 Feather Down

Our 25/75 Feather Down fill consists of 25% white goose down and 75% feathers for our softest cushion fill. All of our Feather Down upholstery fills come in a down-proof bag to protect your cushions from moisture and again, offers the highest quality down-proof ticking casings for maximum longevity. This fill option will require frequent fluffing, rotation, and flipping, and comfort wrinkles are to be expected. But we sure do think it's worth it...