The Dreamiest Holiday Decor Photos

The Dreamiest Holiday Decor Photos

Hello, design world! It’s Liz, VP of Design for Denise Morrison Interiors. Happy Holiday Decorating Season! This happens to be one of my favorite times of the year, which likely stems from my family decorating traditions.

Growing up, my family was big on everyone getting together to decorate the tree before Christmas. My dad used to set up his video camera on a tripod and take a time lapse video of all of us decorating the tree (which is very entertaining to go back and watch). It wasn’t your ordinary tree decorating event. My mom has always had incredible design taste, and was so talented at bringing a curated vision to life. Holiday decorating was no exception. We often had a theme or a general vibe for the holiday decor, like a rustic feeling or a more modern feeling, and that translated to not only our tree, but through the entire home.

Fast-forward to my now design-centric self, and I’ve become even more obsessed with holiday decor. Today, I think it’s partially fueled by how much bad decor there is out there. We all know what I’m talking about… red and green and sparkles should just never be a thing. But fresh greens and a touch of metallic? Oh yeah, count me in.

So this year, I rounded up some of my favorite holiday decor photos that I hope inspire you as much as they do me.

Image via  Pinterest

Get Quirky

I’m starting with a personal favorite - this quirky Christmas Tree! This little guy adds so much funk to this space by being a little unexpected and delicate. Plus the fresh greenery around the entrance to the living space gives an added touch of holiday that compliments the airiness of this space perfectly.

Image via  Paper and Lace

Focus On The Details

As I learned from my mother, no detail should go unnoticed for the holidays. Instead of reaching for some mass-produced napkin holder, consider creating your own look with fresh sticks of cinnamon, sprigs, and twine. Easy, affordable, and will help bring that holiday scent to life with the cinnamon sticks. You better believe my Christmas Dinner table is going to have these napkins.

Image via  Veranda

Mix In Something Traditional

Okay, now this picture is a little more shabby chic than I usually like, but DANG! I love the mix of traditional holiday elements - like the snow dusted pine and pine cones - with the more unexpected package wrapping. I want to spend the holidays here.

Image via  The Creativity Exchange

Consider Modern Greens

This wreath really gets me excited to decorate my apartment (I know! I can’t believe I haven’t done it yet either) but I am about to go start as soon as I finish this blog post. I love the simplicity of the one type of leaf with the oversized bells. When approaching each design I consider the scale of every aspect, and holiday decor should be no different.

Image via  Damask & Dentelle

A Memorable Mantel

Do the Holidays get any more classic than garland and candles on a mantle?! I know this fire isn’t roaring but imagine if it were, wouldn’t you want to be here too? I particularly love how these candles are arranged. I would recommend finding candle sticks that are similar to each other and arranging them down a dining table, across a mantle, or on a console for a classic holiday feel. 

Image via  UO Toronto

Inside the Lines But Out Of The Box

As an engineer's daughter, I love figuring things out... which also makes me a sucker for a good DIY project. The second I saw this I thought “I could make that!” and started working it out in my head (it’s a blessing and a curse, people). I am loving texture on texture these days, so the version in my head had all white ornaments with touches of gold here and there! I will let you know if I end up making it :)

Image via  204 Park

Make It Minimal

In the stress of the Holiday season, sometimes a simple garland can go a long way and add the perfect amount of holiday cheer. Being from Michigan, these warm California Christmases always catch me off guard but decor like this makes it all better. What I especially like about this photo is that you don’t necessarily need to have a mantle or a staircase to hang garland on. You can add it to any space that needs some holiday spirit.

Image via  Avenue Lifestyle

Freshen Up Traditions

I know I am a little late for Hannukah this year but this Star of David Wreath was too good to pass up! Or lets be real, it’s cute enough to leave it up all year round (you’re welcome next-year-you).

Image via  Martha Stewart

Playful Accents

If you can’t tell by my first photo, I love a good table setting and napkins are a key detail that are often overlooked at dinner parties. I especially love these blue napkins with the dreidels attached. I am not Jewish, but I would never pass up the latkes! You can switch this up for any occasion by using a cute trinket that represents your style.

Image via  Domino

Modern Metallics

This picture has my whole heart (sorry boyfriend)!!! I just die over simple modern holiday decor. Plus… the best part is you can leave it up from Thanksgiving to New Years (and maybe longer if you’re like me and don’t take down Christmas until Valentine's day) If you are considering throwing in some metallic to your Holiday decor consider choosing one and sticking with it throughout, I personally love gold.

Image via  Happily Grey

An Unexpected Tree

I had to save the best for last because… COME ON! Someone please invite me to this dinner party! How creative is that “tree” on the wall? Would it be weird if I put these on every blank wall in my apartment?

I was recently reading excerpts from Priya Park’s book The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters. She says “I love gatherings that have a specific purpose, with a specific audience, and a thoughtful format that reflects that purpose. I believe every gathering contains the opportunity to create a temporary alternative world for those who enter it.” Decor is the first detail of a party to truly express the purpose of your gathering and similarly, decor is the first detail of your home that expresses your purpose. Let’s all use decor and purpose to enjoy this Holiday season whether it’s at a party or just an evening in with your family.