Must Have Kitchen Accessories & How To Style Them!

Must Have Kitchen Accessories & How To Style Them!

Not gonna lie, when I think “must have” kitchen accessories my mind immediately goes to the wedding registry my fiance and I recently made and the multitude of fun items we have been adding to it. But beyond those beautiful Le Creuset pots and the oh-so-needed waffle maker, there are definitely those items that take a kitchen from the workhorse space of your home to SO much more. So let’s walk through some of those less obvious kitchen accessories that will make your kitchen a well designed space that you will work in AND enjoy.

Long Low Stools Up Your Design and Add Function

I think we can all agree that the look of open shelves in a kitchen is very on trend within the interior design world. And when done right, we are all for it! Unfortunately not everyone has open shelving in their current kitchen space. When that’s the case, one of my go-to accessories to add is a  long low stool that will sit atop the counter. This piece gives you the same multi-tiered effect as open shelving and adds a visually interesting way to display items. I love to add a variation of tableware items (plates, mugs, etc) and something with a pop of color like a plant or piece of art (we will talk about those items shortly!). Another big perk with a piece like this, is that it can be super beautiful and functional to use as a table top piece. You can shop this team favorite here.

House of Morrison Must Have Kitchen Accessories Long Low Stools

Beyond the Blue, Denise Morrison Interiors

Layered Cutting Boards

Some cutting boards are meant for behind cabinet doors, and some cutting boards are meant to be shown off! When looking for cutting boards that will be on display, there are a few things to keep in mind. You will want to find a higher quality board with a handle in a finish that will compliment your space. I personally love cutting boards that have more of a raw-edge to them because they look super organic and different. There are so many out there that I encourage you to find your cutting board style for display - maybe it’s more rustic with a worn finish or super modern with clean lines and a higher gloss finish. Whatever it is, my favorite space to display a grouping of cutting boards is typically leaning against the backsplash below a hood. They add texture, warmth, and a beautiful layered effect. Click here to shop our entire Tabletop Collection with cutting boards, trays, and serving planks.

House of Morrison Must Have Kitchen Layered Cutting BoardsHilltop Hacienda, Denise Morrison Interiors

Small Art Moments

Big art, little art, every room needs some art! And we cannot forget about the kitchen. I love adding a smaller piece into a shelfie moment or leaning on the counter against the backsplash. You can have fun with the piece(s) you select - a small vintage oil painting or a more vibrant print. I always enjoy looking for smaller pieces of art at the flea market - you’ll find the most unique pieces and the hunt is half the fun. If you're looking to take a few pieces home from the comfort of your sofa,  you can shop our collection here.

House of Morrison Must Have Kitchen Accessories Small Art

Coastal Freestyle, Denise Morrison Interiors

Add a Touch of Green in Your Design

Real plants go a long way in my book when it comes to a well-designed space. Not only do they add a pop of color and liveliness, but they also say “I am responsible enough to keep this plant alive”. And if you’re anything like me, that means you regularly replace your plants because you cannot keep them alive but really enjoy how they look while doing well. Regardless of how you “maintain” your plants, they can really up your design game in the kitchen and they also help to purify the air. There are lots of great options of plants to add to your kitchen and some of my favorites are spider plants, aloe vera, and Chinese evergreens. After selecting your plant(s), take the time to find a unique, maybe even hand-made, pot for each. If you found a plant that has more of a trailing quality, it can even be fun to find a spot for a hanging planter.


The Jungalow

So let’s get accessorizing in those kitchens and be our best chef AND design extraordinaire selves!