A Sneak Peek At Our Favorite Items From Our Upcoming Online Warehouse Sale

A Sneak Peek At Our Favorite Items From Our Upcoming Online Warehouse Sale

Hello design world! Emily here from Marketing. It’s not often that I step out from the behind the scenes role of things to share my two cents, but with the big news around the corner, I just couldn’t help myself. If you’re ever sending emails or messages on our site or social, I’m usually the first person to receive them. Which is great! Because that means I can be completely in tune with what you are looking for from us. Undoubtedly, that’s my favorite part of marketing for House of Morrison - the chance to connect YOU with our amaaazing design team.

So often I hear some of our most loyal followers and fans asking the same question - “Is this piece ever going to go on sale?” With the way our site and showroom work, our products generally never need to go on sale. We either purchase made to order items OR small quantities from local and up-and-coming artists, which makes so many of our pieces one of a kind. (Kudos to Denise for constantly finding those gems!) We believe wholeheartedly in our products and offer them at the fairest prices for our shoppers. As a result, our products tend to move pretty quickly.

But in just a few days, that is changing. On Monday, November 19th at 9am, we are launching our first ever online warehouse sale. You see, we just couldn’t help ourselves from giving the people what they want. Or “giving the people what they never even knew they needed, like a new sectional!” as Liz, our VP of Design, would say. (Yes, there will be a sectional in the sale.)

About The Online Warehouse Sale

Here’s what to expect: some of our tried-and-true, all time favorite, and even our HoM Exclusives at up to 65% off. That’s right, up to 65% off. And not just a few pieces. Nearly 75 items will be included in the sale.

How did we select these items? We looked at certain categories that our shoppers love most (furniture, pillows, art, antiques) and then picked a variety of items within those categories. Some items are upholstered in fabrics we won’t be offering in 2019, some items have a knick or smudge, and other items are 100% brand new, but we simply needed to clear space in our warehouse.

So with Monday, November 19th right around the corner, I figured I’d share a few of our favorite items that will be offered in the sale. Plus, you can jot down these products so that you’re the first person to snag them when we go live. (On Monday, November 19th at 9am, in case you missed it.)

The Aliso Chair in Oyster

This chair has been so iconic for us, I may go ahead and dub it “the chair that started it all." Seriously, it was one of our first HoM Exclusives Denise ever designed, and was front and center in the showroom when we first opened our doors in June 2017. It since has been turned into a sofa, a sectional, and custom ordered in all sorts of fabrics. It is simply such a staple piece. It has clean lines, our most luxurious 25/75 feather down fill, and a deep seat you could practically sleep in. The kicker - by mid-2019, we’ll no longer be offering this particular fabric. So lucky for you, these pieces need to go. We have two of these beauties left, so snag them while you can.

The Delphine Chest

Okay, this is my favorite piece of the entire sale. And if you log on at 9am on Monday, November 19th, you may be battling me in the checkout queue. This item was originally ordered for a design client who ended up having to change their construction plans for a few spaces in their home. And that was how we ended up with this brand new, stunning chest. Made with raw fir wood and metal details, this piece embodies everything we love at House of Morrison - a timeless design with an organic feel that transcends multiple design aesthetics.

"Summit World" Abstract Art

I was with Denise at an art show when she spotted this piece, and no joke, it was like watching a Nicholas Sparks movie unfold right in front of my eyes. She loved it, she believed in it, but we didn’t have a place for it, but it was the one, but then it couldn’t be delivered for months. I was by her side, trying to be the voice of reason, but we all know that true love knows no bounds. In the final hour, she followed her heart and went with it. (We all saw that coming, right?) In all seriousness, we LOVE this art piece. It’s a modern revivalist piece celebrating the ancient art of paper cutting. The delicately cut archival rag paper is placed over a linen backing and encased in a deep acrylic box. This piece just rocks. And would make any space rock, too. But by the time it hit our showroom floor, we had launched a few of our exclusive art collections, and this piece just didn’t fit. We’re sad to see it go, but can’t wait to see where it ends up. (Perhaps you can write a sequel love story to our original. We can call it “The Art of Finding True Love: Round Two.”)

Designer Pillows

Throw pillows are always a place where our designers can experiment with color and pattern for a space. Our clients love them so much that over time we’ve added a few limited edition pillows to the shop. They have been a huge hit with shoppers, as they immediately elevate the aesthetic of a space. From the more playful to the neutral, we’ve covered the spectrum with the pillows we’ve pulled for the sale. Two of my favorites are the Patras Pillow and the Vintage Carina Pillow, shown above. We have two of the playful blue & white design, but only one of the vintage pieces, so be sure to log on at 9am on Monday, November 19th to snag them first!

Antique Vases, an Urn, and… Mushrooms

Antique and vintage pieces are a huuuuge part of what makes House of Morrison so HoM-y. Denise is always collecting them at every art show, flea market, and during all of her travels. As a result, we end up with a warehouse FULL of these things! And our shoppers, especially our trade clients, love them. Why? Because every space needs something vintage. It’s that level of intrigue, uniqueness, the feeling of a curated space rather than a decorated space, which makes antique pieces so important to a design. We sifted through our inventory, and decided to pull some of our quirkiest, most unique items for the sale. So that’s right, we have a set of brass vases, a stunning marble urn, and even a few vintage mushrooms. Yes, some of these pieces may look interesting on their own. But one set of vintage mushrooms would take any old space and turn it into a haute couture Gucci campaign featuring Harry Styles (see here) real quick!

We previewed just a few of our favorites from the warehouse sale, but the truth is, we love each and every item. Our design team spends HOURS deciding what pieces to order for the shop, and just as much care has been put into these items, too.

So mark your calendars for Monday, November 19th at 9am when nearly 75 items will go live at up to 65% off! I’ll certainly be there with you.